2 questions

  • Alright, I have 2 questions for everyone…

    1.) Anyone have any good techniques for cracking wrist joints? One guy on my hall has "guitar hero" on PS2, and the only time I can crack my wrist is after I play for a while, and that's only my left wrist.

    2.) Does anyone else get more relief when cracking joints while high (on marijuana) than normally?

  • The method I use for wrist cracking requires you to be somewhat flexible, but here it is: I hold my thumb and then bend it backwards, so it pressed right up against my underarm. This usually cracks the wrist, but if that doesn't work, I try pressing the entire hand down towards my underarm.

  • i can only crack one of my wrists but thats only after i sprained it. when i twirl my wrist around it just keeps cracking and it doesnt stop until i stop twirling it its kinda weird but its kinda fun when i get bored

  • i just move mine in a circular way

  • same as blaze :)

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