Balance Issues and Neck Cracking

  • HI…Ive had panic disorder for past 15 years.....balance issues/dizzy/panic attacks, etc and sometimes black out from attacks....i lso crack my neck daily and wonder if this is impacting my balance....anyone crack their neck and have balance issues? I often cant stand in wide open spaces......

  • Some other member here has blackouts - look in forums and pm them i recommend.

    I sometimes get headaches after cracking my neck in the morning and lose vision for a few seconds.

  • Thanks…who else has the balance issues? Cant find them...please advise, thanks

  • I don't know - just keep looking at the names of threads etc

    But, like myself, where i get a headache and can't see for a moment, and feel sickish, i am guessing that the joint you are cracking is causing some damage.

    I would advise you stop.

  • Unless you were the person i was thinking of? :?

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