Public vs. Private

  • I crack more in private because I have more time to relax and get comfy.

  • what do you mean subscribers?

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    I generally crack my knuckles in the privacy of my home or office.
    I crack my knuckles in public less than 1% of the time. For the most part,
    I am a pretty quiet guy. Any thoughts? Thank you.

    being compulsive, you should do it in public!

  • @sarELITE:

    i love to crack in public

    especially if i want to get rid of someone

    say.. if a pervy guy is coming onto me
    i usually crack my neck loudly and my elbow

    beats screaming 'rape' anyday


    lol thats a good one!

  • that's sick.

  • why's it sick? the guy said it would stop them getting raped - surely thats good?

  • That there are people who do that to women in the world.

  • I avoid more than cracking of individual fingers and, if uncomfortable enough, a slight tug of the chin when I'm conscious of others. Often I'm lost in my own world, with only footwear and space limitations stopping me from all the cracks I do at home. It's probably a habit of mine to crack freely as soon as I can, like when I get home and take off my shoes. Home sweet home :)

  • yeah i prefer doing it in private i guess…

  • Yeh it looks weird to others when you try very hard to get a subtle crack, and you keep moving your neck.

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