Happy New Year . . .

  • Is anyone resolving to stop or reduce joint cracking this year? I've tried in the past, but haven't been successful. :?

  • Community Lead

    Happy new year to you too bubba! 🙂 And of course everyone else!

    Oh yes, I also resolved to reduce cracking this year… again. Same as last year. I'm getting better but it takes time. I never thought I could stop cracking in a short time frame considering it is something I have been doing compulsively for about 20 years.

    I also resolved to upgrade this site in 2007. Ain't that great! 😎 Don't want us to get hacked so easily anymore.

    [[b:7dd60a1606]Update] Make that 2008. Darn!

  • 2008 resolution lol :lol: to stop cracking my fingers and so far have.

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