The secert thumb-join crack

  • Im sure you guys know about this one…
    its by far my favorite and i obsses not only about cracking mine, but cracking other peoples. My GF gets annoyed mostly but i will always try to crack her secert thumb joint whenever i can.

    So, where is the secert thumb joint?

    its in the web of the hand, at the base of the thumb, opposite the large meaty part of your palm. If you picture that all your fingers have three joints exposed, and then look at the thumb, its easy to see the thumb only has two joints exposed. the third joint, in the web of the hand, is the one im talking about. its so nice.

  • relax your whole thumb and begin to pull very hard like you will pull your thumb off, mine will then crack like that.
    You need to be strong to do this.

  • Hi there! First post. 🙂

    I sometimes achieve the "secret base-of-thumb crack" by pulling straight out on my thumb.

    But what's really weird is this: pulling straight out on my thumb usually gives me a nice ELBOW crack. It doesn't work if I pull on the whole hand, it has to be just the thumb. It doesn't always work, but it can be really nice.

  • I have a pen that is larger than average and when I grip it just right it will crack the base of my thumb. It's funny because it only happens with that one particular pen and no others.

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