How many times a day?

  • I was thinking recently about how many times a day I crack my knuckles. So today I decided to keep count, right now im up to 28 cracks in 15 hours of being awake. Thats pretty much every half an hour. Now I'm curious to know how this compares to others. Just wondering about how often you think you crack your knuckles.

  • I think what you said sounds about right. I know however, that if I get involved in an extensive project, I could go a few hours without cracking my knuckles.

  • Er I think I probably crack my fingers about every half hour, my toes less because they're in shoes most of the day, the first crack when I get home is particularly satisfying

  • I crack very compulsively, so I usually crack my knuckles every half hour to 45 minutes. But those are the big knuckles (you know, the ones that get really BIG after you crack them for a long time). I can crack the knuckle closer to your fingernail every ten minutes. But if I'm doing something like watching a movie, I can go the entire movie without cracking. But usually I crack at least twice every hour! 😄

  • I crack my left big toe LOADS of times in a day. I can just move it in a certain way and CRACK.

  • I think you can hear me crakcing a joint in about every 10 minutes if i am not particualrly busy with something…I am trying to quit now though(encouraged by this site) wish me luck.. 🙂

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