Popping sound contest?

  • Hello,

    What about starting a knuckle popping sound contest?

    The goal would be to get the most lovely popping sound. I don't think there have to be real rules since this evaluation is up to each one's taste of "pop"s.

    Each contestant would have to send one or several video clip(s) showing her cracking her joint(s). A video clip, not a just an audio file since it might be hard to figure out when the gesture begins. And video is more funny!

    What part of the body to crack? Well, why not any one? What matters is the sound produced :D. Everybody's knuckle cracks differently anyway.

    The videos would be posted on YouTube. The contest could either last several days or a couple of weeks, or continuously and the 3 best sounds chosen on a predefined basis.

    Everybody could vote through a poll on this forum. Each poll choice is associated to the link of the video on YouTube. Every member of this forum could vote.

    What do you think about that? Would anybody be interested in participating? Is it technically doable?

  • Community Lead

    Roman2K, great idea to ponder about! Keep the ideas coming.

    However, the current poll system does not seem very suitable for this idea. The video content would grow dynamically, but the current polls only support static and only up to 10 options. I also don't think the poll options can link to external content.

    It seems much easier to just rate each uploaded video individually. A top 10 list could then automatically be created for each section (knuckles, knee, spine, etc.) or an overall top 10 for all videos. Very similar to how youtube.com works today.

    If we use youtube.com for this, we could upload in group "People" and create a tag like "jointcrackers.com". If everyone used the same tag like this, I guess you can get at least a top rating for all clips in this category.

    But maybe we could even host the videos here? As recently announced I'm currently in the planing stages to haul this site over to a much superior CMS system. Dupral also supports video content. Endless possibilities. ğŸ˜Ž

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