Walking on my back.

  • Wouldn't this make you feel bad though after you have had these great feelings?

    Also, you may be unaware of any damage being done. For instance, someone who is becoming obese may not be aware of the damage they are doing initially.

  • sounds a bit risky - i'm not sure tbh..

  • Yeh i reckon if you frequently do it - then you might damage something. Because pressure and slip footing etc

  • This practice is perfectly fine, it is actually one of the Interdisciplinary Fields in medicine.

    However you have to be very careful to ensure that entire pressure is not placed, as this could lead to a cervical fracture. Even pressure over a 10cm area is perfectly acceptable.

  • Well that shows there is some danger.

    Cervical fractire - i know what that means now :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • @conscentity:

    This is probably not good for me, but one of the best feelings in the world is when I have a pretty(and not very heavy) young lady walk on my back with her feet perpendicular to my spine and side stepping. Never touching the neck area. The cracking causes an endorphine release you wouldn't believe. It feels almost as good as s*x. 😉

    Has anyone else tried this? Is this really bad for me?

    there's probably loads of people that do that i reckon but i dunno if its safe or not…

  • I reckon it is not.

  • despite that, a lot of people seem to do it, i've seen a few videos with people doing that

  • Yes it is very commonly done.

  • Since first posting this, my back does not pop very well anymore with someone walking on it. I have now moved to laying back down on an arm rest of the couch with my spine perpendicular to it. I let my body weight do the work and I get some great pops.

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