So Glad To Find This Forum

  • Okay, I'm 37 and for much of my life I thought I was a freak. I started cracking my knuckles when I was 5 and as the years went by I figured out how to crack each finger and thumb about 4 different ways, went on to start cracking my wrists, knees (2 different ways), toes, both sides of my jaw, elbows, and shoulders. On a humid day, it's an obsession and I just cannot stop. I do suffer from sore hands if it's muggy out but I can't stop. My Jaw has been a problem though. Has anyone else experienced jaw problems as a result of cracking?

    Anyway, so glad to know there are others out there like me!!

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    Hi 4thofJuly,

    I don't crack my jaw, so I cannot help with your quesiton. Maybe some else can?

    For the longest time I considered myself a freak, just like you. Founding this site was motivated by the strong believe I'm not alone out there.

    Welcome and I hope you enjoy the stay!

  • I'm really glad I found this site too. Nice to know I'm not alone, and lots of other people like doing this too.

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