Hello, ZPitcher here

  • I joined because while searching for a joints article to show my brother, I came across this site. I have to warn you, I often don't hang around sites too long. I can post as many as 1000 posts over a month long span, but for one reason or another tend to lose focus on the site sooner or later. Mostly it's just out of running out of new things to say I think. I can only go so long before saying everything I want to.

    Anyway, I was interested in the site because I've long held interest in joints and stretching/manipulating them and muscles/tendons to achieve greater athletic results. I posted one reply and predictably have been drawn into posting more and more.

  • Hi ZPitcher! I am a big poster too, but I also run out of things to say sooner or later.
    And I would have to agree that posting is highly addictive.

  • Community Lead

    There is no limit in the number of posts you are allowed to make. ğŸ˜Ž Bring it on! This site is here to stay. 🙂
    I agree that joint cracking and posting are addicting.

    Maybe posting about an addiction is even more addicting than posting usually is? :lol:

    I also kinda stopped posting or slowed down at some forums I have been a regular on for the following reasons:

    • lost interest in the discussed topic
    • resolved the problem/issue I intended to solve with the forum, thus
      I achieved my goal for coming to the forum in the first place
    • lack of time
    • no more things to say

    So of course you run out of thing to say at some point. Which is why you need new input and new ideas to write about.

    Just check back regularly when you leave and maybe you'll find an interesting new post or idea to follow up on.

    It is like that with my all favorite forums.

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