How and why did you start cracking joints?

  • I started because of a Bill Nye the Science Guy video we watched in my cla* s in fifth grade. There was a short section on knuckle cracking, and what makes the noise, and I tried cracking my own knuckles. I haven't stopped since, and that was 8 years ago. Fairly recenty (last year or two) I began cracking my toes, though I don't crack then nearly as often as my knuckles. Occasionally I feel the need to crack my knees, but that's even less common.

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    ennaxor, thanks for your post.
    Do you remember exactly why you started cracking your toes? Did you initially feel discomort in your toes or did cracking come first?

    I really don't remember why I did start cracking these. I guess some day I punched my feet on the floor in anger which cracked them. I liked the sensation and kept at it.

    Never ever did I have a role model on video or in real live. I learned all of this myself. Can't say I'm proud of this achievement. :roll:

  • I'm not sure, but I think the cracking came first.

  • I learned how to crack in fourth grade. I was sitting next to some kid and he started cracking his knuckles. I asked him how, and he showed me. My dad would also crack my knuckles all the time when I was young (I hated it when I was real little). I started by only pulling out my first, middle and ring fingers on each hand. I would probably only do it three or four times a day. In sixth grade, the guy's brother taught me how to crack my back and my neck. Now, I crack my knuckles all the time (all fingers, except I have trouble with my pinky). I also crack my back, neck, toes, knees, elbows, and sometimes I can get my wrist to crack. I do it compulsively, and it annoys my mom! 8O I tend to feel the urge to crack whenever I see someone else do it… :)

  • It's kinda funny. As a little kid, my dad would crack my knuckles while we were watching TV. I kept up with the habit and as I got older started cracking other areas. I don't crack my knuckles much any more.

  • I started in the 6th grade i was someone else do it and i started wondering how they did it so i kept trying until it worked then i started trying to crack in different directions and then i went on to other joints i would eventually like to stop but i can't seem to because sometimes i don't even notice when i crack them it's like a reflex kind of…i don't know

  • My cracking started when I was in concert rehearsal. Hours of sitting in a chair and playing music- something happened one night that frightened me. Out of no where my sholder cracked while I was turning a page of music. It felt very funny and tingly. When I found out I could do it again and again…I did it again and again. Then came the toes and knuckles and ankles and back...

    ps that was 11 years ago.

  • My brothers learned how to to crack their knuckles when I was in 1st grade, and my mother would help me crack my back from as far back as I remember. I learned the thumb-joint pop from a basketball coach, and the finger-tip crack from a girl in math class. Alot of people have so many ways to crack weird stuff.

  • I was about 11 12. I first saw my father cracking his fingers. I wondered how he does that and quickly figured it out.I have been cracking various joints in my body ever since…(for about 20 years now)

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