I agree joint cracking really does ease a lot of tension. I also agree at small, low doses it might be really therapeutical. Personally, I toned down my joint cracking a LOT since I started this project and all. I feel much better about it. I also do type a lot which is why I should invest in a decent ergonomic keyboard, too. Jointpoppers eh? I just let these two terms do a google fight for fun. Here are the results: Round 1 "joint cracking" vs. "joint popping" And the winner is "joint cracking" with 3,160,000 results vs. 1,470,000 results. Round 2 "jointcracker" vs. "jointpopper" And the winner is "jointcracker" with 880 results vs. 461 results. Round 3 "jointcrackers" vs. "jointpoppers" And the winner is "jointcrackers" with 1360 results vs. 0 results. Okay I admit, with the last one, I'm partially to blame. :lol: