Well, think about it guys…what part of you has the most bones?

Your hands and feet, they have over 100 bones in them collectively...bones meet at joints. There are 16 very movable joints in the hand, including the wrist...there are a few others that move very slightly, the feet are similar, with 14 very movable joints and a few that move slightly...add that up and that's 60 really movable joints.

There are only 23 joints in the spinal column if you discount fused vertebrae. The ribs (of which you have 24), make 24 joints with the spinal column and attach to the sternum with long pieces of cartilage which I wouldn't call joints myself, but if you want...there's about 10 of them, 2 of which are a massive array of cojoined cartilage on each side.

Spinal column is huge then!!