About 8 days ago i woke up with horrible pain in my shoulder and right arm just below my shoulder. because warnth would relieve the pain somewhat everyone says its a pulled tendon. The right side of my neck is so stiff its unbearable, self cracking does nothing to help. There is a valley you could lay your arm in at the base of my neck and it sounds like its filled with rice crispies. the shoulder muscle is stiff and hurts steady all the time and the muscle in my arm on the outside of the arm just below my shoulder hurts so bad it bring tears to my eyes and makes me sick. i got laid of and lost my insurance 12/24 and my new insurance wont kick in for another 30 days. thank g* d i have a stockpile of ibuprophen. i'm just wondering if anyone has ever had a simular experiance and can give me some advice on how to deal with this. im positive its all related to my neck somehow.

I am sorry for the pain your in and I know what it feels like to have shoulder pain so severe. Mine hurts from can't see in the morning to can't see at night. My bone feel like they are rubbing in my shoulder and it pops worst than a bag of jiffy pop popcorn.