You name it, I can crack it

  • I can crack:

    All of my fingers
    My thumbs
    My wrist - occasionally
    My toes - mainly just the first three
    My neck - I LOVE when I get a lot of crack out of it!
    My back
    My elbows - occasionally
    My knees - when they've been bent for a while

    I can also pop my jaw, which I don't know is a form of cracking, but it's similar. I don't do it as much, but it happens occasionally.

  • each finger 5 times
    thumbs 4 times
    wrists 4 times occaisonally
    elbows 1 each
    shoulders 1 spot but multiple x's
    neck 2's each side
    left jaw 1
    spine top to bottom
    knees 1
    ankles 2
    feet 3
    each toe 3-4
    big toe 2

    and other parts of my body i cant name, i use to be able to crack my ear lobes but cant anymore dont know why either.

  • I crack the following:

    -Upper Back
    -Lower Back
    -Fingers in 3 places each
    -Thumbs in 3 places each
    -Knees in 2 places
    -Each toe in 2 places

    My fav. would have to be my big toe. I can do it over and over again and it makes such a loud POP that I LOVE!

  • I can crack everything but my nose. (i cracked my jaw once, I didn't like it, same with sterum) I cracked my ears once too.
    It always shocks and amazes.

  • I can crack:
    all my toes- not as frequent in my big toes though
    all my fingers in 3 diff. directions
    knees- mostly unintentional
    one of my wrists
    elbows- rarely works
    thumbs- in 2 diff. directions
    so thats like 48

  • can anyone crack your ears

  • Ok ok ok, I will name something, umm… tips of your fingers. Very easy to do, Just twist by your nails.

  • Some guy here can crack his you-know-what and you haven't said that :lol:

  • jaw, neck, collar bones, shoulders, elbows, wrists, thumbs, knuckles, fingers, spine, hips where thy bone connects to pelvis, knees, ankles, toes, and foot…. yes some random joint in the middle of my foot... its quite good...

    mmm feels good just listing everything haha...

  • Some guy here can crack his you-know-what and you haven't said that Laughing

    No way! How is that possible!?

  • I will confirm. It IS possible, though I don't know if is a really "cracking", but just like normal cracking, once you do it once, you can't crack it again for a while. Don't ask me what joint it is, though…

  • How does he go about doing it? :?:

  • I can crack soooo many things.
    Both ears, (SUPER LOUD and nobody can see how I do it. I dont know either. I'm the only one I know that can)
    My jaw.
    My neck.
    My upper back,
    lower back,
    that one bone that connects the bottom of the thumb to the hand,
    all my fingers,
    Both sides of my pelvis,
    My knees and all my toes. xDD

  • I bet you can't crack your nose! :)

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