Why would a Joint Stop Cracking

  • oh yeah, doesn't it depend on how you spell it?

  • Urm….think so.

    Practice - as in you do something.
    Practise - isn't that like a surgery?

  • probably lol

  • Yep must be.

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  • Or check in dictionary to make sure.

  • @Mhillqt:

    I have cracked my neck for years by just simply turning my neck(without force) in a forceful way…..a few years ago , I use to twist and get multiple deep cracks all at once....now I cant crack it anymore....why would that be?

    lack of "practice"?

  • Yep - practise.

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    @MasterCracker said:

    Rebuild the joints ligaments? Unnatural Hypermobility?
    Your saying: be less mobile w the joint so the ligament becomes LESS flexible and more stiff.
    That would seem counter productive and a recipe for injury:

    when a stiff or tight ligament is pushed past its normal ROM it will sprain and inflame and Hurt.

    Increased ROM/mobility is a good thing.

    Hyperflexability is a good thing
    Joints can be hyperflexible and strong
    STRONGER even
    Not mobilizing joints will make them weak and tight and injury prone.

    The video is indeed interesting. However, I do not agree this level of hypermobility is healthy.

    I did not mean that you should aim for stiff joints, which is clearly unhealthy, too. "Hypermobility" by its very name implies the mobility is "above" normal. I would thus personally aim for "normal" mobility.
    Last time I checked hypermobile joints are not healthy, also see What Are Hypermobile Joints?

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