Loudest joint?

  • yes to reinforce the idea of the saluage you just performed :lol:

  • plus we obviously have the internet :lol:

  • then start using it
    and stop asking silly questions you can answer on google :?

  • Ok MC - but maybe some people don't have the time 8O

  • Blaze you got to be kidding
    You have the time to post like a Mad man
    but you don't have the time to research what your talking about in the discussions?
    Is it because your to busy posting?
    OCD for sure. :roll:

  • I'm not saying…

    Oh scr3w it - ok MC - whatever you say.

  • Yeah!
    I win !!!
    I have OCD tendencies also
    I think it's common among crackers
    for some strange reason thats yet to be discovered.

    PS you couldn't leave jointcrackers if you tried
    plus what would it be without you?

  • Ah that's what you think.

    I used to play an online text based mafia game - wasted many hours of my life on it - got to 6th and 10th on the game with the top rank, 1 of the 3rd best rank plus several other high accounts and killed many people. It was a mafia game. Made a name for myself.

    Parents weren't happy, worried i was going to meet up and stuff so i left - i did have a bargain for another game but that soon stopped and i have returned once for a minute.

  • ok
    you win!
    I don't play games here
    I'm just sayin use google for simple questions
    your obviously online w plenty of time 2 research
    you will get better answers than I can give you anyway, + pics
    If you typed lumbar in to google
    instead of whats lumbar into jointcrackers you would have the answer already w less typing + more info


    A way to crack your lower lumbar Vertebra:

    lay on the ground or a large bed face down
    put your arms out to the sides like an airplane, they will anchor u
    turn your head to the L
    take a deep breath to relax
    now on a deep inhale lift your left leg as high as you can
    then exhale and cross your L leg over your right while still elevated
    your L hip should raise depending on your flexibility
    you can eventually get your L foot on the ground on the R side
    then repeat the opposite side
    This often cracks several lumbar vertebrae, for me anyway
    this is a yoga stretch but I can't remember the name
    yoga stretches = Cracks
    Also feels GREAT 😉

  • cool, works for me - only on one side though :?

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