I'm new

  • hello there! i am new to the community. i am 36 yrs od, married for about 12 years, have a son who is 8(he does not crack his knuckles nor my spouse), am a registered nurse and i crack my knuckles a lot. the only ones who can stand it are my husband, child and his parents, others around just go batty when i start the cracking. i have done this all my life and if i dont do it often i get really stiff and start to ache. i pop my hand joints the most, very rarely i pop my toes, i do have a left elbow that needs to be cracked often and when i walk the hips pop regularly. i have no signs of arthritis but my grips have weakened. i have a right knee that needs to be popped too. since i am a nurse and do the knuckle popping thing at work people just scatter and cringe, i really dont care because if feels really good. i am glad i found this site…crack on!

  • I know what you mean about coworkers. I try very hard to avoid cracking at work for that reason unless I'm alone.

    Once, though, in the middle of a meeting I was attending a lady cracked several of her knuckles one by one while making a comment. It certainly didn't bother me, but others were exchanging glances and I don't think her point got across very well. I suppose there's a time and place for everything!

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