Cause of my Neck cracking

  • 15 years ago a very evil man named sam punched me in the back of my neck without my consent (no kinkshaming for those that are into that sort of thing). Ever since then my neck would click or crack at random intervals and it is an incredible source of anxiety and distress for me

  • i cant relate

  • hey thought i'd update you! i still can't relate

  • @dj200 hey you should chat with dj100. He used to be on this site about 8 years ago and also got punched in the neck by a Sam.

    Sam must be a real terror!

  • @rebelstR that's my dad actually i've been trying to track him down for some time if you have any leads i would actually love to chat with him. i never learned how to play sports because of the whole neck injury that ruined my life but also the no strong parental figure in my life

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