Excited to find others like me

  • Hello all! Happy to be here. Up late with uncomfortable joints trying to find help & I came across this community. I joined because I have been an ankle & toe cracker since I was about 5 maybe earlier...I am now 37. I always have to crack my toes and ankles before bed when I lay down. I am not stressed it is only when I relax at night time. Once I crack (& I have to, which makes me think it's a mind thing) I have to do it multiple times...once I do it multiple times I can't stop & my ankles feel irritated & it feels like rls. My doctor have me clonopin for rls but explaining the chronic cracking to those who don't have it is pointless. I know it's OCD mixed with mental because it's a ritual I MUST do every night for 32 years...there is no "just don't do it" and it drives me crazy. No one else on my family does it. Now I am pregnant so I cannot take the clonopin so I have been suffering go the last 3 months. I see my Dr next wk to see what I can take for rls...hopefully this will help. Rls is the only way I can explain cracking to a non-cracker. Any advice? Any one ever successfully quit cracking? If so, how?

  • Also, I know my name is misspelled maybe it's the excitement...maybe it's the lack of sleep, or maybe it's the constant cracking affecting my brain. Idk, please don't judge me I cannot figure out how to correct it. Help please.

  • @AnkelCracker hey fellow joint cracker 😊😊 my knees crack unbelievably loud when I bend down or kneel hehe!

  • Hi does anyone find their Elbows and knees making a 'squelching' noise when bent/extended also the constant need to crack them ????

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