Spinal transformation, and more

  • Folks,

    This is my second introduction. The first one appeared six years ago.

    I gave this a grand title as you can see. It is an accurate title.

    What began as neck-cracking – eventually every 15 seconds or so, every day and, eventually, all night and every night – has now revealed itself as a spontaneous remission from severe scoliosis. My whole trunk has been twisted to the left all of my a***t life, or at least since pre-adolescence. Surely the twisting process was gradual. It is due, I think, to an eye imbalance called strabismus or lazy eye.

    I am in the final stages of this transformation.

    I have gained about an inch in height since age 50 due to this transformation, and I am now in my mid-but-going-on-late sixties.

    This process has been outlandishly difficult, almost to the point of driving me mad. It has been difficult socially since I have looked spastic. Modern medicine has had no clue, none at all.

    There is an inner transformation which accompanies this outer transformation. I will say no more about that since it is not my place to say much about it. I am a passage meditator and I think this transformation comes as a result of that. I have a spiritual teacher and a spiritual path.

    There are also significant health benefits accompanying this process. A straighter spine is a better spine, and the straightening has helped clear up several distressing health inconveniences such as acid reflux, toe-cramping and leg cramping, and more. My eye imbalance seems to be resolving: straighter gaze, no more double vision, or headaches due to the lazy-eye imbalance. I have gradually cracked through considerable areas of arthritis and scar tissue, resulting in far greater freedom of motion. The whole spine is lots more flexible now. Youthful, compared to, say, one decade ago.

    If anyone wants, do go ahead and look at my first introduction to compare the two. Here is the link:


    I named that one ‘an end to neck spine cracking’. That was six years ago. The title was premature.

    Also, I am not sure if I can be of use to anyone else. No one helped me with advice or example. No reading material that I ever found shed any light on this. But I am hoping my post here might at least give heart to anyone else undergoing anything similar. This post would have helped me for example, in reducing the sheer baffling uncertainty around this surprising and remarkable process. Even though the process continues, more dramatically than ever at this point, I no longer find myself baffled by it. It is a gift.



    PS: I plan to revisit this post here about once per week, for a while, to see if there are any comments.

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