ELBOWS! I mean really!

  • i pop my elbows all the time
    i can pop them about every 15 minutes
    i love popping them

  • (First time poster)

    I started my cracking journey with the elbow–I had been running in a parking lot and fell right on my elbow and had it in a cast forever and then when I was able to move it, it made the most lovely pop. Now I do it all the time also.

  • I can crack my elbows by using one hand to stabilize the arm then add resistance against the hand that stabilizing the arm. It is more of a pop then a crack. I've devolved this after breaking my arm and once it was healed the doctor who set the arm (aligned the bones back up) performed that crack on me and ever since then I "stole" it and now can do both elbows very well, although my left arm (the one I broke) pops a lot better than my right.

    BTW, if your reading this and want to try my method of cracking the elbows, make sure you move your elbow up and down because some spots it will crack and some spots it won't. You need to find the sweet spot. My right arm cracks at about a 45 degree angle in the elbow. My left cracks at a lesser degree than my right. Why? I have no idea. I'm I'm being obsessive about cracking them I start with my arm against my body then move farther and father away from the body just to make sure there are no more pops left.

    Starting out then going in is bad because it's more unnatural. I've popped it going in and it hurt very bad.

  • i can crack my right elbow nicely
    never had any of this knarly pain peaople are talking about

    my left usually wont crack though
    but im double jointed in that arm

    maybe thats why?

  • I crack both my elbows all the time. It has been a bad habit since I was about 11 or 12 when I noticed it. I always had a theory that it started because I was a cheerleader all my life. I think the over-extending all the time caused this. I can crack them VERY loud and a lot of people think its disturbing. My mom hated it and wouldn't let me crack around her.

    I can crack both of them just by shooting my arms out but I get a more satisying one when I exend them realllly slowly then twist my forearm. I can crack my right elbow one extra way by putting pressure on it. Yeah I know it is very weird. I can also crack my right thumb a lot. I developed that one from writing in school and using the pen putting pressure on my thumb. Actually, I think cracking must come from the joints that you constantly put more pressure on than others. However I think it can be learned this way also.

    I am the only one I know that can crack my elbows pretty much at will. I think I attempt cracking every 5 minutes or something, and after a while I felt like I looked stupid always flailing my arms so when I am somewhere I can be easily noticed, like at work, I use the slow extend way so I look like I am stretching and not constantly throwing my arms all over. lol :oops:

  • When i crack my elbows it sounds like changing gears on a push bike.

  • I can pop my left elbow but just lowering my arm out straight and lifting it back up. It pops about 2-3 times each time, this can happen over and over again. Not so much with my right, not exactly sure why.

  • I can crack both my elbows similar to the way tiffster does it. Only I flex by bicep so that it puts pressure on the joint as I extend my forearm out and twist simultainiously. Makes a loud, hard crack too. They will only pop once - but then I can pop them again maybe a hour later.

  • i stretch my arm and put pressure by movin it down and it clicks. Not hard or painful.

  • It's probably my least favorite when I pop it. I hold my elbow and twist my arm and sometimes it's this nasty a*s liquid sound. Not always pleasant. When my elbow pops naturally it feels SO much better…

  • Like many others, I can crack my elbows just by extending them. It usually helps to rotate my elbows inwardly.

  • Yep my elbows crack too.
    sometimes with simple rotation of the forearm/hand, pronation/supination action.
    Recently I have been getting both elbows to pop by flexing my biceps like a body builder, which I'm not.
    I've become very addicted to this crack and keep finding myself doing it in public and accidently attracting attention.
    "why is that guy flexing his biceps" look
    funny , I could care less , crack when you need to.

    ZPitcher i also have a system of daily cracking and stretching.
    Its interesting to hear your story.

  • knees crack but not elbows for me

  • is this a knee thread?


  • it's a thread about cracking

  • @Blaze:

    is this a knee thread?


    lol 😉

  • :lol:

  • I can crack my elbows, at least I think its my elbows. Its around the area. The way I do it is similar, but not exactly the same. When I push on my palm with one hand, I just bend my arm from the elbow joint. Another way I can crack my elbow is just simply putting in some strength to push my arm forward and twisting my arm. When I do it, it gives me a feeling of relief and it doesnt hurt at all. And I can do it just about anytime I want and any amount of times I want. And I usually only do this when my elbow feels stiff. I can only do this with my left arm tho. The pop sound is loud.

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