Mental or Physical?

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    Hi, thought i would just introduce myself. Ive been cracking properly for probably 3 years which i know isnt too long. I only really click my fingers, but ALOT like i could probably go through the whole set about 50 times a day. I started cracking at first when i was very young to try and encourage my dad to stop, but it didnt work and i just inherited the 'addiction'.
    Trying so hard not to crack, but it aches so bad, ive not cracked since tuesday at 6pm lol. I think though that its more of a mental thing.

    So hello everyone! And take care!

    Robyn x

  • Isn't the stress part also physical? Because I sure as h**l can feel stress iny my fingers right now…

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    Read the first post here.

    I believe it is a bit of both. Cracking or rather streching the joints will create tense liagments which will cause uneasiness in the joints until you click them again and again and….
    However, you are also much more likely to click joints when you are in physiological stress. The last 2 days I had high stress like that and threw my resolve to reduce cracking overboard. The worries I had were overshadowing the Joint cracking ones for this time so I couldn't bother being annoyed by them too.
    It is kinda silly, but that's how it works I guess.

    When you have cracked your joints for many years, llike I have, it will take a very long time to totally stop if ever.

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