And I thought that I was alone ..

  • I reckon not, eh? I wake up every day and have to go through the routine of noise making with 15 joints in each hand, my wrists, shoulders then knees (two ways) ankles then each toe.. I used to be able to crack my spine, but somehow that disappeared and became painful, but at one point I had counted 63 individual points on my body that would easily pop or crack. The latest count was 54 and not a day goes by without the sacred routine. Because I'm 56 and have lead a fairly tough life I've been injured more times than I want to remember so some of those injuries have caught up with my joints so some of them simply will no longer pop or crack.
    My favorite time to crack is at night laying in bed and quite often I'll wake up several times throughout the night for another round of noise.
    I feel almost blessed in that my 'significant other', the woman of my life finds it far more amusing than my ex wife who complained about it.
    Does popping joints cause arthritis? Absolutely not. If it were true then I wouldn't be able to move a single joint in my body because I've been doing this now since I was a small boy. In fact I'd venture to say that if anything popping joints helps to prevent arthritis and I have my share of arthritis that was one of those genetic gifts from both of my parents.
    I've got plenty of theories about popping joints and even have my own criteria of what actually constitutes cracking a joint vs just rubbing cartledge against bone or what have you. I have my favorite joints and some that I pop just as a matter of routine. My left ankle pops much more freely than the right and the toes on the right have to pop by pulling rather than leveraging as in the case of the left.

    Well anyway …I look forward to discussing our fabulous and unique form of entertainment and stress relief so stay tuned and thanks for this forum being in existence. I thought that I would have to create a forum for this, but now I don't have to.


  • @mramell

    Hey Marty,
    Which do you enjoy more?

    -self initiated cracks
    -random cracks that occur by themselves
    -cracks initiated by a 3rd party

    I myself hate random self-occuring cracks becasue they seem to hurt.


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