New here.

  • My name is Loriann and I have been cracking as long as I can remember. My favorite locations to crack are my wrists and my ankles. I like to sort of create that pressure, then crack. When I feel that my wrist is ready to crack, I'll bed it to where it's just about ready, and I'll repeat that till the pressure builds, then I'll let it crack. It's painful, yet satisfying.

    I'm not noticing joint swelling in my fingers. I do notice that when I crack my wrists, sometimes, I'll have a little bit of weakness for a few seconds after the crack, especially the big ones. I used to be able to crack my nose and scarily enough, if I pressed on my left eye socket, it would pop in then pop out. One day I did it and it stayed popped in for good. I don't mess with that anymore.

  • Hi, LoriAnn, that is really interesting. I've heard of people getting their nose out of joint, but didn't know that the nose actually had a joint..

  • BTW, Hi, Loriann. I'm new here. Explain a out your eye socket. You would push in on the socket bone? And it moved? Or the eye popped in?

  • I would press on my eye socket and the socket would crack, then pop back out. It was a bit scary.

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