Oxolate sensitivity

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    I found an interesting post today:

    I've been trying to find a solution to similar issues – cracking joints all the time, including my jaw, toes, neck, back, etc, getting worse as aching and painful movement, weakness.

    I posted to a list I'm on and someone suggested oxalate sensitivity. Apparently oxalates can build up in the tissues and cause all kinds of problems. I've only been experimenting for a bit over a week but it seems highly connected so far. When I keep a low oxalate diet along with supplements, I feel much better, and I tested the reverse on a camping trip and felt worse again. So far the K2 has been the most helpful, but only with some of the other things too. Sometimes the K2 has completely taken away my joint pain within minutes, other times (I think when I didn't take magnesium perhaps) it helps a little over a couple days (I'm up to 300-500 mcg using Thorne K2/D3 drops but am switching to the 1mg drops without D3 soon).

    Here's what I came up with for my own personal plan:

    • Not too much Vitamin D or Vitamin C, or fish oil (can't remember why)

    • Drop milk thistle (and turmeric if taking it) as it's very high oxalate

    • increase Magnesium (switch from glycinate to citrate),

    • slowly Add Thorne Vitamin K2

    • Add Thiamine and B6 as enyme co-factors

    • Take a little Calcium citrate with meals or have dairy with any oxalate

    • Take probiotics (I'll start with homemade kefir)

    • Drink lots of water to help the liver excrete it

    • Don't remove oxalate all at once, take out very high sources first, because too low causes dumping

    • Dumping isn't uncommon -- take the supplements to help

    • Thyroid can be involved in oxalates (I'm on Armour), so watch this

    • mercury can be involved with oxalate issues (I have cell-resident mercury/lead)

    The main things I had been eating that I eliminated were almost all nuts/seeds and nut/seed butters/oils, quinoa, almond flour, rhubarb, chard, most wheat, and most chocolate. When I first started researching oxalates because my pain was intense, I realized I had eaten almost all of these -- including the rhubarb -- in one day!

    I'd be very curious if anyone else tries this, to hear how you do.


    I am not sure if this can be the cause for joint cracking pressures without visible kidney stones, maybe there are slight oxolate sensitivities with various conditions?

    What do you think?

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