Chiropractic Treatment of Frozen Shoulder

  • Chiropractic Professional

    Chiropractic therapy for frozen shoulder can produce the results you need and resolve your frozen shoulder. Our staff will evaluate your baseline range of motion and pain level to develop a plan tailored to you. In-office physiotherapy coupled with exercise you may do at home will address and increase your range of motion. It will also build the muscle to prevent muscular atrophy or the shrinkage of important muscles in the shoulder. Coupled with treatment for inflammation in the joint space, patients can see improvement over a period of time and resolution of the disorder.
    Hard work is the key. Failure to work on stretching in the office as well as at home can delay the recovery process.

    These are just some information about Chiropractor that you should realize. This is Dr. Jason Hui and I’m a newbie Chiropractor here. I just grab this chance to share my knowledge as a Doctor and help you to maintain a good health and lifetime wellness.

    This forum site looks great and I’m looking forward to establish a good relationship with you and have an interesting discussion with you. And I am servant from chiropractor of Affinity Healthcare (a medical group consisting of 31 medical physicians), my goal is to promote a proper diet, rest and exercise programs specifically designed to meet individual needs.

    Yours in good health,
    Dr. J. Hui

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