Hi There-My pleasure to meet everyone here

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    Hi there, this is Dr. Jason Hui and I’m a newbie Chiropractor here. I just grab this chance to share my knowledge as a Doctor and help you to maintain a good health and lifetime wellness.

    This forum site looks great and I’m looking forward to establish a good relationship with you and have an interesting discussion with you. And I am servant from chiropractor of Affinity Healthcare (a medical group consisting of 31 medical physicians), my goal is to establish a proper diet, rest and exercise programs specifically designed to meet individual needs. Hope to have a very good stay ahead.

    Yours in good health,
    Dr. J. Hui

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    We welcome your professional advice. Glad you joined us!

  • Chiropractic Professional

    Thank you for warmth welcome. My pleasure to make professional and helpful post=)

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