I want to stop cracking

  • Hey guys 🙂

    My name is Hannah, i'm 13 and i've been cracking for quite a few years now.
    I crack:
    Neck (barely at all)
    Elbows (kinda)
    Knuckles (a lot)
    Back (a lot)
    Knees (sometimes)
    Ankles (a lot)

    So I absoloutely hate that I crack! My friends and family complain and tell me to stop and trust me I've tried but it is just sooooo hard to stop. Any tips to stop? Please helpppppp

  • I've heard of people stopping before. Any suggestions?

  • Hey Hannah

    I click too (although i am on 3 weeks 2 days without!) my worst are my knuckles….

    I picked up a few tips on this forumn a few years ago when i tried to stop before.. The best one i found was to put an elastic band around your wrist and ping it each time you feel the urge to click. I think this is a form of cognative behaviour therapy and i found it most useful to think of the clicking urge as a type of addition rather than as an annoying habbit.

    This time round i have not clicked out of sheer will power. I find the first day isnt too bad, but weeks 2-7 are quite hard and stressful. Hands feel tight, uncomfortable and non mobile. I am yet to find out when it stops being uncomfortable...!!

    I have also, in the past, made myself a plaster caste glove to put on and wear so that i physically couldnt click. This would have worked if the glove hadnt been SO cold to wear!

    Anyway, all the best

    Robyn x

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