Cracking unusual body parts

  • Hi - anyone else can do this with their nose?

    I've always been able to rub my noise in a circular motion like with an itch but one time it let out a little crack. I then practiced for a while and realised that if I grabbed my nose and pushed on the right hand side of my nose - right on cartlitage it lets out a little crack. I cant do this on the left side. I'm trying to give it up as I always think my nose will get wonky.

    Also I used to be able to crack my back by pushing on the lower back and leaning back to crack the lower and pushing the upper back to crack the upper - but i cant seem to do this anymore. Also I used to lie on the bed and just stretch out to crack my lower back - again I cant do this anymore.

    Anyone develop or stop these cracks by accident?

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