• So I came across this forum while Googling joint cracking… My right ankle started cracking a while ago, I'm not sure when but I noticed it a few months ago because it started happening every few minutes, I'd get the pressure building and feel like I have to wiggle my foot around until it cracks then there's a relief & the pressure starts building again almost straight away!

    It's doing my head in always having the pressure there, it feels like my ankle movement is restrained somehow until I crack it! Also sometimes it does it by itself when I'm walking, it makes quite a loud noise which gets me some funny looks!

    Anyone got any advice?

  • Awesome Awesome Screenname btw.

    I wouldn't stress about it. I would do ankle and foot stretches everyday though. You can look on youtube for the foot stretches dancers and gymnasts do (point, flex…roll ankle, etc). Getting your foot used to a range of motion will probably make the cracking less frequent.

    Same happened to one of my knees when I started running. I just stretch it more now and it cracks ALOT less. Plus it gets it out of your head. Thats the worst part! 🙂

    Good luck...

  • Oh, and DJ100…please don't start. Not on this thread. Give this new one a break. Just this one.

  • Haha yeah it is awesome isn't it :lol:

    Thanks for the advice, I'll check out YouTube!

  • I would give it a break if I was normal.

    However tonight my happiness with my family has been affected by sam and so the only reason I am ranting on here is because sam punched me in the first place.


    I got punched in back of neck
    Recently my neck clicked
    So I worried about it and got a later train home
    So next week I missed the chance to come home because I kept texting my parents because of everything sam ruined
    So then my parents had to get something for me today instead of 2 weekends ago when i WOULD have come back
    so just now when i texted someone to phone me they didnt phone me because they were busy but im sure if it wasnt for sam and i could have texted earlier he would have replied

    So now i have excess saliva and everything is ruined.


  • Danielle, why could you not be there to tell sam to please not punch me?
    Where were you then???

  • And Rowling, does your neck click?
    Can you make it click?
    Try… basically when I got punched in the back of the neck, since then I have had a cracking neck that linked with my extreme OCD has ruined my life

  • No, my neck doesn't click.

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