I'm new here!

  • Hello, I am 19 and a chronic joint cracker. 🙂 It all started for me after a long series of surgeries on my knee, which lead to constant pain in my knee, back, and neck. I saw a chiropractor, and liked that treatment, so I started doing it on my own. Initially it was just my back and neck I cracked, but then I started getting experimental. Once I started cracking my thumbs constantly, I was really into it, and found that the chiropractor sucked in comparison. 🙂

    I can't say that I do it to relieve any pressure I feel. Although cracking my neck and back does relieve some of my pain temporarily, I mostly do it because it feels good to me. I love the feeling, and I love the sound. Something I have noticed is, the sensation doesn't feel as good if I can't hear the sound of the cracking. Try it out (by playing loud music or screaming or something) and see.

    During the course of writing this, I have cracked my thumbs six times. I am getting slightly worried about that though, because my right thumb is beginning to get sore. It's fine in the morning, but after a day of cracking, it starts getting sore again. Hopefully this won't continue much, because I love cracking, and I have no plans to stop, even if I do get some pain.

  • Hello and welcome 🙂 I have a similar problem, in which my right index finger gets sore after awhile. It worries me as well, and I've tried to compare my fingers to see if the knuckles look or feel any different, or if there's any swelling, etc… but there's nothing. I hope that's a good sign. lol maybe just try going a bit easy on the sore thumb ... I don't mean stop, 'cos I know I couldn't do that. But maybe try being a bit more gentle on that one joint and see if the soreness gets any better or not. That works for me sometimes. 🙂

  • Good news, it's been a few days of constant thumb cracking and the pain seems to have gone away. I suppose it was because I really upped the frequency of cracking (from only a few times a day to nearly every minute). On another note though, it tends to feel a little sore in the morning, but feels much better after a hot shower. Maybe warm/hot water helps with joint pains?

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