Best Yoga vids on the internet

  • Specifically for the neck would be good… thanks.

  • djj, since you asked, I will now put in the same message that I sent you in your inbox here, with a new comment too, below it.

    I don't consider myself an expert on yoga, and so feel a little odd recommending anything in that realm. But I can say what I have done.

    I learned a useful set of poses long ago, in a fee class we had back then in my hometown. More recently I learned more from several videos – the names Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden come to mind, as presenting useful videos, which are surely now available in DVD. The best such video presentation that I know about is by Bidyut K. Bose. Actually, it is on DVD only and not on video. Here is a description of it from his website (😞

    It is a bit expensive at $40. It is also very complete, with 1 1/2 hours worth, and presents a graduated approach. I know B.K Bose and respect him highly.

    If money is a problem, it may be possible to borrow these things from a library. We can do that in the US, at least in our area here.

    I find that, for me, the plow is a really smart one to do for neck problems. Some people wonder if it causes neck problems. In my opinion and experience, for what those are worth, it helps to loosen up rigidities in the upper body and neck. At least it has done so for me. Everyone needs to evaluate it for themselves, checking with knowledgeable experts.

    But it is not a good idea to do only one asana. One needs the balance of a set of asanas, so that the loosening up is more general. Problems arise whan loosening up is limited to one or a few areas.

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