Newbie who loves to crack others too!

  • Hey everyone! I'm 25 and have been cracking since I was 9. I got my first taste when a friend cracked my knuckles on the school yard and have been hooked ever since. This post almost sounds like AA…anyway, I've been cracking my knuckles, wrists, elbows, back, toes, ankles, knees and neck at least three times a day. I've never had anyone complain about my constant cracking, but am always a little embarrassed about doing it in public.

    My whole family loves to crack and we even crack each other. I'm obsessed with cracking backs and just love to feel the crunching sounds under my hands. It's a very addicting habit.

  • Yay some1 else who can crack their neck!

    How do you do it? Is it just a really quick movement left and right?
    Cos I can do that, but I have the added extra of whenever I look right and then turn my head straight again, a little click in the right side of my neck that is so annoying :?

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