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  • Hey everybody, my name is Chris and I am a college student. I am inquering to the people who play stringed instraments or know people who do. I have been playing for a few years on and off now, and have been cracking my knuckles, back, neck, arms, legs, knees, feet, toes, and wrists since I can realy remember. Well to focus more on the knuckles. I have farily large knuckles which get into the way of my guitar playing every so offten which is destroying my sound and frustrating me beyond beleif. Majority of the people I talk to don't realy crack their knuckles or atlease not even close to the amount that I do so I don't realy have much of a comparison. I was wondering if the extensive cracking has enlarged my knuckles, and if so if anyone knows if there I stop that they will shrink or if there are some kind of exercises that i can do to make them a lil more manageable. I'm not saying that my knuckles are like golfballs or anything, buut just noticably larger on my finger when i straighten my fingers. I can't think about giving up guitar and if this is going to be a problem my whole life it is a little saddening, but if there is soemthing that anyone knows to do I would realy appreciate the feedback. Thanks. 🙂

  • I don't think that that cracking your knuckles would have caused them to get bigger. If that was the case my spine would be popping out of my back!

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