This forum taught me how to crack my spine

  • and i love you for it! it's probably my favourite one now!

    hello, i'm new and i can crack:

    -my toes - little toes hurt, big toe is great
    -the second joints of my big toe - love it
    -my knees - scary but fun
    -my hip joints - really satisfying THUD that i can only do once a day when i wake up
    -my shoulders - really rare and such a nice loud crack ohhhh!!!
    -all the way up my spine - sounds like fireworks
    -my tailbone - another elusive one that's really nice
    -my knuckles of course
    -the edges of the palms of my hands - anyone else do this??
    -the third joint-thing in my thumb where it meets the palm

    and i used to do my neck but stopped one day and can't do it anymore. also my ankle can click constantly but it's not the same, it's like a hollow unsatisfying click that scares me a bit.

    i just love it, i feel like a hollow reed after crunching my spine. if only it didn't freak people out so much ha haa

  • I never really could do my back right until reading stuff on this site either.

  • what about ur neck?

  • @dj100:

    what about ur neck?

    i mentioned in the first post that i used to do it but then stopped cos it felt scary doing it, like something could go horribly wrong if i wasn't careful lol.

  • ignore this

    tried to edit first post but ended up reposting the whole thing somehow

    was just gonna say that i forgot to mention i can also click the edge of my foot like below my little toe

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