Combulsive neck clicking

  • Hello,
    For ages now I have felt the need, on a regular basis during the day, to crack my neck. Often to get a click I will grab my chin and push upwards with one hand whilst with the other hand pull down at the top of my head, sometimes I even pull my hair with this hand. I also put my head and neck into strange angles to get a particular click. I am very concerned with how much force I inflict on my neck and what damage I am doing to it.
    When I crack my neck there are always clicks I think I must get and if after I have tried really hard to get a click I think is there, I don't get it I get really disheartened and despairing. Because for me the click is so important when I don't get it is a massive deal and it becomes a very hard issue to deal with.
    I just wanted to know if anyone reading this has gone, or goes through similar experiences.
    Regards Nev

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    Hello Nev,

    I can relate very well with the strong desire to get one specific crack. There are tons of ways to crack many joints. But sometimes you need a very specific click to get the release you long for.

    For example, when I click my neck I might notice I missed the spinal joint which was bothering me the most. I'd repeat to crack the neck until I get the one joint release I aimed at in the first place.

    There are times when I just don't get it to pop and give up frustrated. Usually, I then try again a little while later and eventually succeed.


  • Hi all,

    I never could imagine there would be a forum on joint cracking, but i am very glad that its there and i found it 🙂

    I feel all those Nev has mentioned. Plus i also feel pain moving my neck around till i release it by various clicks(or explosions :D) around my neck. More so when i get up in the morning, the urge to crack my neck is immense. Especially if i dont get good sleep and was tired the previous day.

    i am 28 year old and have been cracking my neck for couple of years now.

    off late if stay relatively still for some time like, reading, looking at tv or pc, then i have to crack my neck for free movement else i feel this restrictive pain. the most i like is using a table and my hand to push up my neck side ways. i keep doing small and big cracks on the neck all day!.

    But i must agree the crack is sweet music and the release after click absolute bliss.

    But really worried these days as to what it might lead to and i am getting more and more needful and addicted. Please help me on this. Will it damage my neck or it already has? how bad is it, should i use all my will to avoid this guilty pleasure? Enlightenment really appreciated. 🙂

  • I know what you mean.

    I crack my neck too and you move your head to the side to get that click thats down far. It feels horrible if you fail.

    Your neck starts to ache when you don't crack and when you move it feels like it is pulling and you just want to relieve that by cracking it.

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