So i just joined. i pop alot. but it's begigning to hurt bad

  • I'm not sure how long I've been popping for, never really focused on that. I did it subconsciously until a friend pointed it out. Then i became obsessed. I can pop: my neck, shoulders (but now only sometimes because it won't pop), back (same as shoulders), elbows (same), wrists (rarely pop), fingers, hips, knees (one of my favorite ones now because it's the loudest, best feeling pop), ankles (I wish they'd pop more), and toesies. anytime I pop the best ones it doesn't work and I end up just hurting myself. And after i get them to pop, it goes back to hurting and needing it again.

  • I'm not sure how much this will help with the pain, but about not being able to pop when you want to: I found that if I try too often to pop certain joints, it doesn't pop whenever I try. I have to wait a while, a few hours, half a day, etc. until the fluid/oxygen builds up enough to be able to pop. Then its more of a release and there is less pain because I'm not aggrivating the joint throughout the day trying to get it to pop when it''s not ready.

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