The Spirituality of Joint Cracking

  • To crack a joint is to be alive. Like the splitting of a twig, it is natural. It reminds you that you are part of nature. In one way, you are connected to the popping of the joint: it is your joint, and it creates a sense of relief. Yet in another way, your are distant from it - the sound is unusual and surprising. You have control over the event, but only to make the commitment and to set into motion a sequence after which there's a point of no return. Then you have no control, nature takes over, and your body creates that unmistakable sound of existence. Like a boulder dropped on the ground near you is sure to emanate a shock wave that you feel throughout your entire body. Yet you are the rock, the ground, the shock wave, and the observer all at the same time. You are separate from it yet connected deeply. It's paradoxical.


  • Nice one…

    It actually feels comfortable when i crack my joints...although my siblings find it disturbing. Now I can say that it is "only natural."

  • I Crack for Jesus

    (what? it's my bumper sticker for Christ sake)

  • The relief is amazing; having said that if i never got punched in the neck i would not have to crack it anyway and put up with all the pressure and stress.

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