Hi every one!

  • Hi, I was actually looking at side effects of cracking your joints when somehow I came across this forum board. And Im not so sure if its a good thing or not because I have yet to find out if cracking your joints causes arthritis or any other problems and I see that you guys are giving tips on how to crack lol and I would love to learn more ways. I honestly and this is being generous, crack every joint and I mean every joint (ones that you normally couldn't crack, I couldn't at first but I was so tired of cracking the same way all the time. Actually the first few times I cracked in a new way it caused a lot of pain but after that period it was like any other crack, maybe more satisfying. Anyways…) at-least 50+ times a day. So on a usual crack cycle I can crack each finger, including my thumb 7 times on each finger. I know it doesn't seem possible but let me tell you it is. Thats not it tho, I pop my elbows and knees with no problem. My wrists and ankles only crack about 4 times a day. But my hips on the other hand make many cracking noises when I turn to the left and when I turn to the right. Much different then when my back cracks, and it feels different too. Also, something that I have never seen other than myself do is place a strong fist in the middle of your hip bones, directly on the spine and push back really hard and up, until it cracks well actually pops. It used to be stubborn but now it cracks with no problem. I used to not be able to do it on my own, I used to use chairs and such but ever since I accidently came across this place to crack I too, crack this at least 10 times a day. I crack each toe 3 times three times a day and I can sometimes crack 2 other bones in my foot but they are extremely stubborn so those cracks unfortunately only happen once a month. So what else..my neck cracks multiple times a day both left and right and I pop my jaw left and right only once a day. I have noticed that I have a horrible addiction to cracking everything and I hardly notice that I do it. I do it subconsciously because I get this stiff pressure in all my joints and cracking relieves it and it kinda resets the way I feel at the moment. I also have noticed ever since high school, that if I see or hear somebody cracking something I just have to do it too. I just know how great it feels and I can't resist. Lol in all honesty just by reading one post I HAD to crack, although I just cracked right before I read it. Anyways, I think thats all about me. Im still not sure what Im gonna get out of this site but I was just curious on seeing if I was the only compulsive "cracker" out there. Because it seriously blew my mind when I came across this website. So does anybody know of any side-effects of cracking? Also, can everybody else "crack" like I do? Thanks, I can't wait to see what everyone here at "jointcrackers" has to say : )

  • hi jess, welcome!!!

  • Side effects of cracking: well, there's the myth that cracking can give you arthritis, but as far as i'm concerned, its just a myth.
    HOWEVER, i am no doctor, so dont take what i say as gospel!

    As for cracking like you do: wow!
    you can crack literally every bone in your body? thats impressive!
    no i can only really do my neck lol, as well as smaller cracks like toes and rarely fingers…. although i dont do fingers/knuckles everyday.

    So how easily can you click your neck jess?

    And welcome to the forum, it goes through stages, sometimes theres loads of members posting, sometimes its really quiet, but i'm sure plenty of people will read your posts, and I sincerely hope that you take the time to return to this forum and make some more posts!!! 😎

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