Oh goodness

  • … I can't believe there's a community for this! 😄 I'm amazed (and relieved) to know there are other people like me out there, who feel addicted to knuckle cracking and realize there's more to it than it may seem.

    I'm addicted to the feeling of cracking my fingers, wrists, toes, and ankles (I can never do the ankles "on purpose" though, it usually happens when I descend stairs or flex my legs after sitting still for awhile). I have a lot of tension, and cracking relieves that tension. Also, I suffer from anxiety, and I've realized that whenever I'm starting to feel anxious, the first thing I'll do is grab my hands.

    A couple things: I can't crack my big toes, is there any reason why not? And I've read about cracking elbows (I actually only learned about that today, when on a whim searched "knuckle cracking" on Google). How does one do this? Anyway, I'm so glad to have found this community, and I'm definitely looking forward to talking with fellow joint crackers soon!


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    Hi eviemurong, welcome to this community!

    You brought up two very interesting points. My toes are the joints which are annoying me the most next to my ankles.

    I do indeed crack my big toes very rarely. If there is a build up in a big toe, it is huge and only small flexing will suffice to make it pop. My smaller toe joints are the annoying ones. The big toe must be build a little differently.

    Same seems valid for the elbows. I neither ever managed nor ever felt the desire to crack these joints.

  • I am like you, I can't believe I found a site about joint cracking.

    As far as cracking your elbows, I have found that I can do it by doing the following:

    1. Hold you are at a 45 degree angle.
    2. Put your opposite hand on the wrist of the arm that is bent.
    3. Now, while pushing your arm to straighten it out, apply some resistance with the bent arm. Make it just enough so that bending your arm is kind of hard. Your elbow should cracking as it is bending.

    I have found that resistance allows me to crack other joints I was not able to.

    I love to crack my joints. I usually do all of them right as I go to bed. Of course their are some that I crack all day.

    I have learned to crack both upper and middle joints of my fingers (including my pinky and thumbs), my wrist, elbows, shoulders. All of my toes (including the big ones), my ankles (sometimes), my knees and my hips occasionally. I can also crack my jaw, not just a faint poppind of the TMJ joint, by a loud crack.

  • I can't even get my knuckles to crack :? Push Pull Bend Nothing lol

    Whats the easiest way to get your knuckels to crack? You all make it sound as though it feels so good

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