• Hi my name is Nevablade and I'm a clickoholic. It began 8 years ago when I was ten and I started clicking my knuckles, the rason why I can't remember, that soon progressed to my knees and for about 2 years every time I got into bed I clicked my knees over and over becasue of the relaxing feeling that came from it.

    Then I just stoped, I can't explain it I didn't feel the urge to click my knees anymore and it was at the point when I could click them without having to wait AT ALL before I could click again. One of the reasons I think I may have been able to stop was becuase I started clicking by ankles and these soon progressed to the same point as my knees.

    About 2 years ago now I sprained a ligament in my right ankle when I was playing football (soccer) and managed to trip over the ball (Football was never my most favourite of sports) I could barely move my right foot for 3 weeks becuase of the injury however one good thing came from it was that I was unable to crack that ankle, and that wasn't from lack of trying- only recently have I been able to start cracking it again.

    I still crack my left ankle a h**l of a lot and there is no waiting time between cracks. I also still crack my knuckles and knees about 2 times a day but they do not give me the urge to re-crack where as my left ankle does.

    My life cracking story aside I am glad that I have found this website becuase I have decided I want to break this addiction of clicking my left ankle and knowing that others are having similar problems makes it a lot easier.

  • cool story!

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