Head bumps

  • Anybody have abnormal bumps on their skull?, like ridges that go from front to back etc.
    Im going to guess that people who have screwed up spines and crack their back and neck would have a high incidence of skull ridges.

  • does the bump or "nodule" at the back of the head reference the amount of spinal dislocation?

  • on my bicycle I wear a speed skiing helmet.

  • i dont think i do - do you have them?

  • yup.
    Thats why I chose the Barney avatar.
    I have this d* * n ridge on the back-center of my head that goes from the back-point of my head to the top center. As well as two ridges along the sides of the top of my head.
    Not to mention a small head in the overall scheme of things.
    Even though I have a small brain I still think Im smart though.
    delusions of grandeur perhaps but positive thinking none the less.

  • :?

  • I think this is more on the deformation of the skull.
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