Fructose, Phosphorous, Calcium, Protein, and Hormones

  • Heres a simple diet that should have an impact on cracking.

    Be sure to consume enough of the food to meet or exceed the RDI for each substance.

    Beef - source of phosphorous, protein, and hormones (testosterone and estrogen)
    Milk/Cheese - source of calcium, phosphorous, and protein
    Apple/oranges - source of fructose

    As well as staple foods to complete a regular diet.
    Multivitamins are also good - ones that contain phosphorous and calcium.

    If you don't eat beef then strength training is necessary as consuming elemental calcium and phosphorous is effected by hormones and will not be readily absorb able at the cellular level.

    If your not sure about the RDI's for the average person or a person of your size and weight you can visit and use their daily needs calculator or many of their other diet research tools available.

  • good call MC, I hadn't actually looked into that. The truth is, I had just passed hemp seeds off as another gimmick for potheads. Thanks for the info, im going to make some modifications to my diet. That beats watering baking powder down and eating the residue.
    Ha, just kidding its been a while since I did that.
    Just curious though, if the phosphorous production per acre is as high as pumpkin crops.
    its probably not that important, or that different for that matter.

    Hey do you know anything about the varieties of fats from tree crops vs. plant crops?
    Like avocados and tree nuts vs. peanuts, soy or hemp?
    ive just been trying some experiments with avocados and cardio-workouts.
    I dont know, its probably less healthy. Im just trying to see how much the cardio (ie. lactic acid) and liver functions affect cracking.

  • MC you said your vegetarian?
    I hate eating meat, but I have to to keep up with my work. (I work on my parents dairy farm)
    how in the world do you keep up with your cracking?
    I tried going vegan for about five months, it was hard for me and I put on quite a bit of weight. You must be quite strong.
    Or do you have a special diet?

    Ive tried a few things, but my back was getting too bad and I didnt want to go to the doctor because they either suggest medicine or surgery.
    Meanwhile my brothers were trying to get me to go to the doctor but i wouldnt accept. After that they started bothering me about working and then they started to tell me I needed mental help. which just makes me depressed because it just seems like they just want to f–k with me.

    OCD, Manic depressive, and bipolar are all disorders that are blown way out of perspective and surprisingly most likely a direct result of a lack of neuromelanin. I took psychology 101 in college and studied different disorders and learned how the brain functions, with electrical signals (which in turn create light) and so forth, so it just seemed elementary that melanin a dark oil would have an effect on the bright electrical signals happening throughout the brain. Now I just get depressed when people try to tell me that I have some sort of mental disease where Im somehow unable to comprehend my own physical condition. These people are dumb as f--k and will discover some time in the distant future what mental disorders really are. Im not talking about situations like underdeveloped brain structures, damage to brain structures or tumors but it does include a lot of the more simple mental disorders associated with anxiety and that sort of stuff. Im guessing that people who actually understand cracking will know what Im talking about, especially in the case of back and hip pain and how people can come down on you for not being healthy and not doing as much work and that sort of stuff.

    I dont plan on cracking for much longer, my back has been getting better with a lot of strength training (back extensions as well as a plethora of other exercises) and quite a bit of low impact cardio. In my experience, strength training is more important albeit I still do quite a bit of cardio. As well as following a strict diet, my biggest problem now, morons who have no clue how much pain im in when I bend down to do something and feel a sharp shooting pain in my back, and then I start sprawling around on the floor until I can get up safely. Thats not funny, dont laugh. Then later on in the day they tell me I got mental problems and how stupid I am for having a bad back. Now thats funny, but highly disappointing.

    Ive been extremely active my entire life ( Im 26 years old), the last ten years, I have probably spent two hours each day playing sports. Particularly basketball and soccer. Both sports have high impact on the hip joints which concordantly effects my back. Since my back has been screwed, I started biking 90Km a day on the recumbent bike while playing Need For Speed Pro Street on the PS3. Its fun as h**l, feels like your running two hundred miles an hour. Like I said, in my opinion the cardio isnt nearly as important as the strength training but it does effect my blood pressure and caloric intake, that way I can utilize more food in a shorter time span essentially speeding the digestive process up in its entirety.
    Anyway as of right now I am extremely disappointed with the way doctors and even the everyday person handles cracking and other problems like mental disorders associated with bad health and cracking in particular. Hopefully I will be able to do something about it, because the way I see it this world is screwed. And I dont intend, on dying, being the reason why this world ended up in h**l.

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