Hello All

  • Surprised but happy to see that their are other crackers out there, I'm from West Virginia, I can pop my big toe over and over again and I can pop all my fingers, generally able to pop them again about 3 minutes after first popping them and I am a big neck cracker, I dont really remember when the neck started, but it was not because of an injury, I pop my neck 10-15 times a day, and if I dont pop it, it gets tight and I have to pop it to make it feel better, anyway pleased to meet you all.

  • nice to meet you.

  • perhaps you might be interested in the smoking pot and cracking thread.

    If you have any nutritional information, bogus or real I'll probably find it interesting.
    I'm dumb enough to be a guinea pig for a lot of this stuff.
    no chemicals that have more then 15 letters in their name.
    and I don't like the ones that have hyphens and or numbers.

    anyway if you got any ideas thats cool.

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