Pleased to meet you all

  • as somebody who has been cracking his fingers and back for nearly 20 years and my neck for about 3 or 4 i am delighted i am not alone

  • hey, how did your back start cracking just out of interest?

    mine started after i got punched in the back, and for ages i've been trying to work out whether other people can just have a cracking back, or if they had any sort of injury there when they were growing up? (or any other time in their life i guess)

  • ABOUT 20 years ago at work. i remember stretching out in my chair putting my arms behind my head like doing a sit up and as i pulled myself up the chair pushing into my lower back caused it to crack - at first i thought id done myself an injury. the next thing you know i'm doing it every afternoon

  • ouch ğŸ˜ž
    do you get a lot of pain when you crack, or does it just tend to crack without pain?

  • no - no pain at all. it just seems natural. now i do it by leaning against the sofa and lifting myself up. i have to say i get no pain from any joint cracking at all

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