Strong Urget to bend ankles and crack them

  • I'm really not sure if my problem is the same. I too feel mine is OCD related.
    It wakes me up in the middle of the night, and keeps me up.. like now. Its just about 3 am and I have been up for like 2 hours crying over this nagging urge. Its almost like restless leg syndrome, except in my ankles. ğŸ˜ž

    And it bothers me so much I cant sleep. I was taking meds for RLS and other stuff, to help me sleep, but I had to stop taking them cause I am pregnant. I lose so much sleep now, its literally driving me nuts. I have a 3 yr old, and I have to take him to school in the morning, and by that time, Im just so exhausted I cant think straight. My husband is on deployment for the next couple of months, and I feel like Im going to lose my mind. Its getting so aggravating, I dont know what to do. I tell my doc about it, and they just look at me like Im crazy. Any suggestions??

  • I often read this forum over the last few months but have nerver felt the need to post anything until now. I'm only a teenager but I know what you mean by this. I can crack just about everything in my body, it started with my ankles but that's just happened where as other joints where more 'self inflicted.' I know how unconfoable this can be my I can still can crack ankles but don't need to they just feel the same as they did before. I got this this when I was in primary school about age 10 or 11. I got physiotherapy for it and got some shoe foam inserts cleared it up quite quickly from what I remember. This at least from my exprieance isn't a permanent thing.
    Hope that's reassuring and maybe something to look into.

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    I'm sorry to read how your urge has affected you. Has your urge changed in any way since you first posted?
    For me personally, my ankles inflict the highest cracking urges, too. I could "unlearn" my clearly obsessive and unhealthy popping urge for most joints, but the ankles (and toes) are still persisting and thus the hardest to reduce to "normal" levels by far. For ankles specifically I learned that regular jogging helps, due to the repetitive (non cracking) movement.

  • @Amber I have the same issue

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