Addicted to cracking!

  • I am absolutely addicted to cracking that I crack in my sleep. In my sleep, I usually crack my neck, my back and my fingers. I do it so often sometimes I wake my husband by accident and he yells at me. He hates that I do it and swears I'll regret it one day. I can't help it though. It feels so good and I love the sound of it. My favorite is cracking my neck; though it used to be my back but its been a long time since I've gotten a really good back crack.

    I often have fantasies of being strapped to a device and having x-ray videos taken specifically of spots I crack; it would be cool to actually see stuff happening while I crack. But I doubt highly that such a machine exists so I will continue to crack on my own and be satisfied that way.

  • Hey 🙂

    Just out of interest, does your neck also crack automatically / sort of move position automatically?

    e.g. i know someone who when they go for a walk or something their neck tends to bend to the side and cracks, this can happen involuntarily a lot, which drives him crazy!

  • And another thing Crackme, have you always been able to crack your neck or did it start after you recieved a blow to the neck, as thats whats happened in my friends case

  • Hiya, my neck will only crack if I do it, its never cracked involuntarily and I remember the first time I ever cracked it. It was by accident. I was doing homework and thinking and had one hand under my chin and I was stretching my neck when this loud pop happened! It freaked me out at first but I figured out, hey that's how I do it and I've been doing it since.

  • hey 'crackme!!'. my knees are so loud its unbelieveable!! everytime i bend down they crack!!

  • do you enjoy that clickyknees?
    i hate cracking joints, i despise them in fact

  • I know this is an old thread but I had a funny thought… for whomever may read this thread....

    Just massage your husband's hands and feet and crack his fingers and toes... he'll love it and become addicted just like you, and then he won't be able to complain anymore! Hehehe....

    The Evil HypnoSnoopy

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