How can you treat joints that click automatically?

  • Obviously with ones you control you can try willpower.

    But what about ones you can't control?
    (Like my big toe!)

  • depends on the joint we are talking about I have severe TMJ to the point that they feel surgery will probably not do me any good. One of the less likely candidates at this point in time. My jaw pops, clicks and then shifts and gets stuck. Do physical therapy every summer to keep the ligaments strengthened to help support the joints. Have the same thing with my back and neck. Osteoarthritis over fractured vertebrae that went untreated. Not an easy solution. Just try and keep the ligaments as strong as you can and it is constant upkeep. Will it make it stop? Nope but does help with the pain, pressure and overall mobility.

  • thanks for the reply - what sort of physical therapy can you do on backs?
    do you mean stuff like yoga?

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