Is there an advantage to jointcracking?

  • A bit of a repeat of a thread i made a while ago, but recently i've thought i can joint crack to people like some sort of entertainer lol

  • Im curious of the effect on the interior cells within the bone, and the bones ability to produce stem cells. Perhaps more cracking leads to a higher number of living cells within the joint area. Oddly enough my left hip cracks a lot more than anywhere else, and it seems as though it is the area that most often is affected by arthritic pain. So I am wondering if that means there are more osteoblasts in the affected area, leading to more frequent overgrowth of the joint.

  • what up?
    yo holmes, there is NO proven link between jointcracking and Arthritis
    if you research arthritis you 'll find it is a degenerative disease often running in families/hereditary. its is a disorder of the body and in no way is affected by cracking. (not proven anyway)
    I personally believe that cracking, by stretching, would PREVENT joint problems by contioulsley mobilizing the joint, keeping it health and flexible

  • lol

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